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Asian fruits are extraordinary

We thought the world should know so we put them in a hard seltzer

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Drunk Fruit hard seltzer

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"Move over White Claw...Drunk Fruit’s seltzers are seriously tasty"

Washington Post
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Our Flavors Have Serious Character

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Light, crisp, and tasty as heck

They’re ready to be guzzled up in hard seltzer format

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100 calories and 2g sugar

So you can go for that Drunk Fruit + Boba wombo combo

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Proud of their Asian roots

They’re familiar and fresh at the same time

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Lychee can


This tropical fruit is always laid back and smooth. Tastes best when you’re on the beach or imagining you’re on a beach.

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Melon can


Hard on the outside but silky soft on the inside. Will never judge you for all of the moments you still cringe about.

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Yuzu Can


Bright, fun, and always the life of the party. The tangy citrus notes will kick you in the face, then ease you into a gentle reverie.

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