It started with a honeymoon

Kenn called us one day in 2019 from his honeymoon in Japan with urgent news: he couldn't stop drinking the fruity fizzy Chuhais of Japan that featured Asian fruits.

Hard seltzers were making fizzy fruity drinks cool again in the US, but the fruits that we grew up with as Asian Americans were nowhere to be found. We knew these flavors are worth sharing.

So we bought up all the fruity Asian snacks from our local Asian grocer and started experimenting.

Actual footage of our first recipe

We went through countless home-tested recipes and drank some not-so-great seltzers along the way. Turns out brewing ain't easy.

Bringing people together

We're proud to share Drunk Fruit with the world.

Sharing these flavors with the world is our way of sharing a part of our heritage as Asian Americans. And we think that can bring people a little closer together.

We're here to celebrate Asian flavors and share the fun of our culture. Come along for the ride.